(Vietnam Tourism Review) - The tourist potentials of Lam Binh and Na Hang are huge, given their ecotourist site and national site of special significance status. Na Hang natural reserve is comparable to a green fairy sleeping in the wild.

Na Hang boasts Tat Ke – Ban Bung natural reserve that spans over 42,000ha with countless priceless perennial trees of hundreds of years, diverse flora ecosystem and rich spectrum of species. It is also home to snub nosed monkeys, a frequent name in world Red Lists.

The green souvenirs
The green souvenirs

Na Hang Ecotourist Site straddles two communes of Na Hang and Lam Binh and spans 15,000ha in total, including 8,000ha of water area. Here visitors can enjoy kayaking on the hydraulic lake, plow the waves into the eerie Dream Waterfall that was ranked as a national tourist site, Khuoi Nhi waterfall, Khuoi Sung waterfall, Pac Ta temple, Pac Vang temple, Phia Vai cave, the Fairy – Chu Khach cliff or Song Long grotto…

Along Thuong Lam river, visitors are also struck with the “Vai stake” cliff (meaning the buffalo tying stakes in Tay language) towering over, in association with giant Tai Ngao who presided over the legendary wilderness. In this journey, visitors can also admire Nam Me waterfall (the Mother Fountain) where the cascade of water flows softly over the grey grave rocks.

Mountains that race towards Gam river bear resemblance to dragons snorting towards the sea. The landscape that is comparable to that of a Ha Long bay on the shore of Na Hang lake is actually mesmerizing with a mix of rivers, mountains and perennial forests… to contribute to the mystic and ethereal breathes of the wild.

This experience of Na Hang lake ecotourist site is even more spectacular with a trip on the surface at the convergence point of two sparkling, idyllic rivers. The undulating mountainous backdrop of 99 mountains makes the site an indisputably “Onshore Ha Long bay”.

Swathes of perennial woods stretch over the river, adding refined elegance to the setting and of course some profits to trekking tours to fully appreciate the amusing natural beauty onboard for visitors in Na Hang ecotourist site. The cherished sense of serenity flows gently with the winds, in the midst of absolute silence and greenery.

Exchange with visitors
Exchange with visitors

Lam Binh – Na Hang are emerging to be a new tourist hotspot among both domestic and international tourists. Local tourist development and socio-economic development in general with self-reliant resources of the community and their long-standing traditions are the sustainable goal bolstered by the authorities of Lam Binh district. In recent years, various ecotourist tours on the lake have been adopted by travel agencies and the local authorities, and proven their exceptional attractiveness because of their breathtaking natural enchantment. Community tourism in Lam Binh is still in infancy, but the growth pace in recent years is intensifying various experiences for visitors.

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